My 54th Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Turkey

Thanksgiving Turkey (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I love Thanksgiving.  I was born three days before Thanksgiving on my mother’s birthday (November 24th on my mother’s 24th birthday delivered at home by my father!), so this time of year has always been a special one for me and my family.

It’s not just getting birthday cake, in addition to pie, or presents in addition to football games.  It’s being together and celebrating what we have and what we share.

While I love lots of other Jewish and secular holidays, especially Passover and the 4th of July, Thanksgiving for me is the quintessential American holiday that everyone shares and everyone really enjoys.  It’s eating special foods and bringing lots of generations together.  It’s wearing goofy turkey or pilgrim hats during “Turkey Trot” runs.  It’s walking around the neighborhood and saying “Happy Thanksgiving” to everyone and not worrying about whether you are offending or excluding anyone who doesn’t share the holiday with you, because nearly everyone does.

And although the creeping commercialism of Black Friday seems to be starting earlier and earlier, I hope that we all have time to be with family and friends and think about how lucky that most of usl are to have enough to eat and a roof over our heads.

May this be a wonderful Thanksgiving for all of us!

Gobble, Gobble….


2 thoughts on “My 54th Thanksgiving

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